Sunday, January 10, 2021

The Battle Grim for the Republic

 Mine eyes have seen the story of the coming of the horde

They have spat upon our nation as they've broken down our doors

In disbelief and horror we have watched our truths ignored
Oh can we be restored

Glory, glory lies in ruin
There's no glory in what you're doin'
You and all your misconstruin'
Our truths lay at death's door

And in your eyes there's burning nothing but a hatred great
And on the streets you foment as you try to change our fate
But know that God's not looking for you at the pearly gate
His grace does not await

You have struck a fearsome blow to democracy its true
You have trampled on our colors, the red, the white and blue
You have wounded with your wrath as you had pledged to do
But yours was a failed coup

For glory will not fall to ruin
Glory will rise despite your doin'
And you have failed at misconstruin'
For we will rise once more

Glory, glory hallelujah!
Glory, glory hallelujah!.
Glory, glory hallelujah!.
For we will rise once more


Anonymous said...

A perfect and relevant adaption!--RE

Anonymous said...

Totally love it! Send it special delivery to Ted and friends!


Anonymous said...

Nicely stated.

Anonymous said...

Very creative. You should get a group to sing it for You Tube


Anonymous said...

Very good.


Anonymous said...

You are so spot on. Thanks.