Friday, January 15, 2021

The Learning Curve

 Over the past two years and four months (my current age) I first learned how to sit up, then to crawl, to stand, to walk and now to run, hop and jump. I initially mastered how to drink out of a bottle, then to hold the bottle myself and now to drink from a cup. I listened to stories being read to me, then I started looking at the books, now I can recite nearly all the words to some of these tales. I know my letters and colors. I can count to very big numbers. I sing songs. I dance. I can dress myself. I have a sense of humor. I try my best to always be polite. I have made a lot of friends. I am potty trained.

Two years and four months ago I could do nothing. I knew nothing. See how far I have come.

Mr. Trump, what have you learned over that time?

Some people were never intended for higher office.


Harvey F Leeds said...

According to production assistants on The Apprentice MR T was known as shit pants. They constantly had to stop filming so he could change his pants and adult diapers. There is a closet at the White House that is full of diapers. Fact!

Anonymous said...

So good!


Anonymous said...

To be fair, she sets a very high bar ;)