Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Siege

 Where did we think this would end? That the crazies would all disappear back under the rock they crawled out from? That the furies Mr. Trump unleashed would die an unnatural death as the Fuhrer headed off in his private jet to a golf course of his choosing? 

And all his henchmen, scurrying into lockdown, the smell of fear permeating the hallowed halls, fueled by what they had not merely allowed, but welcomed and fostered, political predators who had groomed their flock. 

Then they emerged from hiding, as if untouched by the stench of their own actions, now suggesting heroic thoughts in the words that tumbled from their poisoned lips. We shall overcome, as if they bore no relation to the malice that had just exploded in their faces.

This is what Hell looks like, at least democracy's version of it. Words like insurrection and sedition only scratching the surface, inadequate to express our outrage, our primal screaming disgust at what Mr. Trump and his party had brought forth upon this nation.

We keep searching for the nadir, for that point at which it can grow no darker, no colder, no harsher. And we never find it, for there is no bottom evident, no evil that can't be outdone.

I am sick of having to accept the reality of what we have become, sick of having to accept these low life's into my universe. Get out of my way, go reside among your own.

You are definitely not welcome here.


Anonymous said...

I think we need to let our indignation be heard at the moment of transgression. The only way that indignation can be expressed in a concise way is to know the facts. Your blog has helped me in this way enormously. You should be very proud.


Anonymous said...


njwolfdad said...

Bob, you fully expressed my disgust and fear in my gut about the Capitol invasion yesterday. I also wonder where the bottom is, not just for those Hillary described as ‘deplorables’ that we saw yesterday but those others that were part of the 70+ millions who voted for Trump