Thursday, January 21, 2021

Today Was A Good Day

 Finally a day of inspiration, not desperation. Of celebration, not  desecration. Of restoration, not decimation.  Of preservation, not detonation. Of dedication, not defamation.

After we wiped off the dirt of Donald Trump's ignominious departure, we gave ourselves to those who were there to remind us that there was a better tomorrow possible. There was a seriousness of purpose that had disappeared in the miasma that hung over this nation during the dystopian era (error). There was the look of pure joy on the face of Kamala Harris, the soaring notes of Lady Gaga that touched the sky and grabbed our hearts. There was the majesty of listening to our young poet laureate whose words were at once profound and prodigious. 

And there was Joe. Telling it to us straight, the truth ringing loud after having disappeared behind a hurricane of lies seemingly forever. And though his thoughts of unity were likely met with derision in many quarters, they were the thoughts we needed if ever we are to continue our experiment in governing. We have so much to tackle. But at least we finally have someone willing to try to meet our problems with a clear mind and a heart that has not been turned to stone.

I am often brought to tears and yesterday they flowed almost from the first moment we viewed the assembled at the very place where a fortnight earlier we had exposed a malevolence we thought impossible. Democracy literally under attack, the attempted cannibalization playing out in front of our horrified and unbelieving gaze.

The chaos now replaced with order, the hatred now replaced with, if not pure love, at least the absence of hate. The long night now over and the dawning of a new day upon us.

Even as we remain sheltered against the ongoing storm, it is safe to dream once more. Even as we have uncertain moments ahead, there is reason to hope. Even as we climb out of a deep hole we can see the shining light, the promise that awaits at journey's end.

Today was a good day. It has been so long since we could say that.

Today was a good day.


Harvey F Leeds said...


Anonymous said...

Just couldn’t wait to read anything and everything you would write today!
Woke up and took a full breath this morning, maybe two tomorrow....


Anonymous said...

Yes! It was a good day. A burden we carried in our hearts for four years was lifted. Lots of tears flowed at our house. A new sense of hope filled the air.


Anonymous said...

I was dancing around the house!
Rock On! Better days ahead.


Anonymous said...

Appreciating your gripping, eloquent, mult-sensory writing depicting what most of us feel and transforming that into words.