Wednesday, January 13, 2021

What If There Had Been No Attack On The Capitol?

 In a different universe, one in which Donald Trump made the exact same exhortations to those assembled before him, where his communications in the days before last Wednesday had been as lethal as they indeed were, but the crowd had not stormed the Capitol, had not caused such destruction and mayhem but had instead merely screamed and chanted, waved their confederate flags, wore their repulsive shirts and showed their colors of hate, then his demands of insurrection would have gone wholly unpunished and largely unnoted.

And that is how the end of his reign would have sounded. Once more taken seriously by us but not literally. Or literally but not seriously.

We have spent four years as bystanders to the destruction of democracy. Inch by inch, step by step, brick by brick, our house was being torn down. Sedition not an act of spontaneous combustion but one that unfolded in agonizingly slow motion. This but the culmination of all that preceded.

A crime four years in the making. In front of our eyes.

It should never have come to the events of a week ago. Never. And it would never have come to where we are in the early morning hours of January 13, 2021, calling in urgent voice for his immediate removal from our lives, had the ending at the Capitol been written by a mob that had not breached the inner sanctum, had not damaged the very heart of our  being. 

What is now transpiring  in the Halls of Congress is not, is not, predicated on the actions of Donald Trump but rather on the reactions of those who burst the dam.

But for... How could that possibly be the correct answer to the question posed?


Anonymous said...

Maybe in the long run this attack on freedom will awaken people to what thug he is and what a threat to democracy he was (is?).


Anonymous said...

To protect democracy, there must be a mechanism in place that enables an immediate response to the social media postings of an idiot. More specifically, the Democratic Party must adopt a social media strategy that makes as much noise as the president. Democrats are losing this battle right now. This would include short videos on different issues, for the voting public that doesn't read.--RE