Wednesday, February 10, 2021


 The hyperbole defense.

Donald Trump speaks and writes in all capital letters and exclamation points. His life but an exaggeration, a caricature of reality rather than reality itself.

So, it would be suggested, as a candidate, he did not fully intend for his supporters to punch out those in the crowd who did not approve of him, did not really perceive he would reach into his pocket to fund their defense. He was just making a point, his words merely there to amplify, not a catalyst to action. But, wink, wink, it wouldn't be the worst outcome if push actually came to a shove or two.

Mr.Trump would contend that he does not, cannot control how others respond, cannot be found accountable for those who would do exactly what he would suggest in Capitol letters. His bold and aggressive language only for show.

But when each day of your existence is spent in incendiary rhetoric, when every exclamation point stokes internal fires in those who don't perceive your wild abuses of language to mean less than they portray, then one day there could well be a sky high explosion, a culmination of all that has come before.

Even considered in the most favorable light, the proclamations of Mr. Trump exhibited a depraved indifference to the resulting probabilities. And when his histrionics are reviewed with a critical eye they reveal something far more sinister.

And so we get January 6th. And so it is, beyond all doubt, obvious that what you say, what you write has consequences. Exclamation points come to life. Inciting insurrection. Inviting a riot. Not hyperbole. Reality. In all CAPITAL LETTERS.


Anonymous said...

....Guess it’s too late now to fire his two new apprentices so he resorted to throwing a full fledged tantrum at Mara Lago! Can’t wait for your post about the Castor-Schoen show!


Anonymous said...

I am NOT exaggerating and don’t mean to amplify...... but let’s face it... Your writing AND thinking are the BEST!!!!