Saturday, February 13, 2021


The Republicans voting to acquit Donald Trump will be casting ballots to absolve themselves of their own sins of closing their eyes, holding their noses, shutting their ears and silencing their voices as their leader went on a four year tirade unimpeded by those who well understood the grave implications of doing nothing to stop, or at least slow down, the madness.

How else could this hearing have come to a different conclusion? This entire party is on trial here, McConnell, Cruz, Rubio all with the sworn duty to judge their own conduct. The mob that gathered on January 6th the result of the failings of the 50 Republicans on the jury as much as on the one person on trial.

We are no longer a two party system in this nation. We are as different species now, dressed in similar cloth but without even a hint of any connections to one reality.

And when this ends this morning Donald Trump will be the continuing beneficiary of those who have long since abandoned any pretense of leadership, of morality, of pledge to welfare of nation over self. Guilty of abandoning their post. 

Guilty as not charged.


Anonymous said...

I agree...Incredibly sad !
Thankfully Biden is our President!


Anonymous said...

Won't I wake up tomorrow and realize this was all a bad dream?


Anonymous said...

How do we overcome wealthy arch conservatives like the Mercer family from ruining this country with lies and disinformation? The answer must be the offset by having an explainer-in-chief President. Until that happens, we will remain in peril.--RE

Anonymous said...

Although I knew this would be the outcome I am so disheartened. 7 courageous Senators and 43 sheep.