Sunday, February 14, 2021

Mitch's faux mea culpa

 My enmity for Mr. McConnell is boundless. His fingerprints all over the worst the Republican party has offered for well over a decade. 

As minority leader he was mastermind behind the plan to make Barack Obama a one term President, in the process watering down a desperately needed stimulus package and forcing a Rube Goldberg formula to health care reform.

He oversaw the stealing of a Supreme Court seat from Merrick Garland and the blink of an eye confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.

And while he sometimes may have privately railed against the mania of Mr. Trump, he provided more than ample coverage for all the destruction.

Even in the weeks after November 3 he held firm to the party line, offering no resistance to the escalating cries of rage.

And now, even after he hinted at Mr. Trump's guilt, he voted to acquit, undoubtedly pulling with him many who were waiting for Mr. McConnell to signal it was time to cut the cord with the former President.

If one were looking for the definition of too little too late, the search would end with Mr. McConnell's semi mea culpa immediately after the die was cast.

With so much to choose from, maybe no action of this small being is more shameful, more odious than allowing Donald Trump to live, politically, another day. And then suggesting we should feel sympathy for the minority leader because he was powerless to stop it. 

It was, sir, not that you couldn't. It was only that you wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

You said what we all felt/ feel - so very succinctly and unabashedly.
Thnx again,

Unknown said...

He is the very essence of the definition of a coward. amjr