Monday, February 1, 2021

Should N.B.A. Players Jump the Vaccine Line?

 ("Should N.B.A. Players Jump the Vaccine Line?")

Free shot at a foul line?

This vaccine is a literal life saver, manna from heaven, our antidote to a disease that has now infected more than a 100 million people worldwide, invaded the homes of rich and poor alike and pressed the pause button on our lives.

We have all seen the images of people waiting in enormous lines desperate for their shot. We have watched in dismay as the Trump administration left us in disarray, our crying needs often met with nothing more than disillusion.

And while I stand firm with Mr. Jabbar in the desire for all who are given the opportunity to get the shot now, I am uncomfortable in the thought that there is ample reason for NBA stars to jump the line. 

The rollout should not play favorites. No one more entitled, no one because of status or privilege able to pick and roll to the basket for an easy two. No politician, no Fortune 500 CEO, no sports hero, black or white. No one better, or better able, than the ones in the most difficult circumstances. In this time of crisis we are all to be treated with equal regard. With equal respect.

Let these stars speak with one voice of loved ones lost, of the fervent hope that their moms and dads get vaccinated soon. Let them say they are as anxious for their own shot as they are for a championship ring. Let them say that the best thing they can do for themselves, their family, their friends and their fans is to step up to the line when their name is called to take a free shot.

Now that message would be a real game winner.


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. No favorites whatsoever here. Period. I can’t say zero exceptions, because the reality of the world is that there are exceptions and for reason. But they should be just that, exceptions. As an example, I’d be okay with ONE nba player jumping the line if African americans think it would make a big difference. Lebron James. He is arguably one of the more positive influential people in this world.

We are not at the point of needing to convince people to get the shot. Until we have more doses then people willing to accept them, it’s largely a non-issue. Except of course if black people over 65 are simply not getting it. In which case I would think there are enough black celebrities over 65 to make this point, plus Lebron. They don’t need Kyrie Irving, or Donovan Mitchell or the backup center on the Knicks, to get shots ahead of others just to showcase it.

Don’t make exceptions new rules. They are just that. Exceptions.


Anonymous said...

The Times chose Kareem not you. I am shocked.


Anonymous said...

All people are equal; some people are more equal than others


Anonymous said...

I should have become a super-star. Then I could have the vaccine.
But I hated my gym teacher in high school.--RE