Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Disappearing President - A Magic Trick

The Republican party has taught us about the concept of the disappearing President.

In 2016 we were instructed that the term in office of Barack Obama was merely three years, as Merrick Garland was denied an opportunity to take a seat on our highest court. The last year of Mr. Obama's putative presidency, in the oratory of his opposition, rendered moot, deemed null and void, as only the will of the people at the ballot box that November could determine the future course of our nation. The Oval Office imagined vacant.  

Fast forward to the waning moments of Mr. Trump's era. We are now advised he is not responsible for his actions taken with one foot out the door. The presidency disappearing, Houdini like, before our very eyes. You see, the will of the people had effectively removed Mr. Trump from office on that November day, and he ceased to exist thereafter. His words of instruction and their consequences on January 6th but a mirage.

Elections, so the saying goes, have consequences. In the Republican version of this tale, they render Democrats powerless before their time is up and make members of their own party blameless for stepping on democracy on their way out the door.

Time has an elasticity in this universe. Imbued with the power to punish or forgive. 

Now you see it. Now you don't.

A magic trick.


Anonymous said...

Good one.


Anonymous said...

...And what’s most frightening is how many would like to see the magic wand go tap tap and in one poof have him reappear to reoccupy the White House right now and/or in ‘24.


Anonymous said...

Another variation on the modern Republican party's sole remaining principle: heads I win, tails you lose.