Thursday, February 11, 2021


 I understand that we are watching the History Channel.

I understand that what is being presented is not done with even the slimmest belief that 17 Republican Senators will walk on water and cast their lot and vote with 50 Democrats.

I understand that future generations must be fully informed as to what transpired on January 6, 2021 and as to the events leading to a day that will, as few others in this nation, live in infamy.

I understand that the grievous, relentless manic attacks by Donald John Trump that served as sound for all the fury must be set forth in detail, the gruesome reality of a President of the United States acting as accelerant for the attempted physical and psychological repudiation of an election shown in all its horrific chapter and verse.

I understand that if this is not  established as a matter of record that the passage of time will allow for the possibility of a reconstitution of facts in a manner suggesting Mr. Trump was unfairly accused, unceremoniously pursued, unjustly tried and ultimately able to emerge whole, intact and manifestly correctly acquitted.

I understand that in the moment this can seem a futile, useless exercise leading to a preordained conclusion. But this, ultimately, is not a trial taking place today, but a recitation intended to be heard, considered and determined tomorrow and in all the tomorrow's to come.

I understand.


Anonymous said...

You make an excellent point.
The House Managers' detailed and emotional presentation is for the next generation of leaders and the American public to consider. It is a job well-done. Standing the 'test of time' means keeping revisionism at bay. .--RE

Anonymous said...

The essence of “teach your children well.”


Anonymous said...

Right on! A travesty for future generations