Thursday, March 11, 2021

A Day In A Life a/k/a A Life in a Daze


              Part One

"Is everything ok?"

The question was posed with the knowledge that my granddaughter was spending the afternoon in the hands of someone wholly incapable of even tending to his own needs with any semblance of proficiency.

My wife had earlier given me a tutorial on how to properly seatbelt the precious cargo into the car. I did not challenge the necessity of this lecture.

In the course of our 2 hour playdate, three family members called to gently make inquiry, attempting to make the contact appear innocuous and spontaneous. I knew better.

And when I handed the controls over to her father, there was an audible sigh of relief that could be heard by all who had been paying close attention.

Later in the evening a friend from California, who had earlier learned that I had been placed in charge, made certain to confirm all was well. 

Oh ye of little faith.

Part Two

I had signed up this morning for an online continuing legal seminar, part of the State mandate that is far more burdensome than educational. But soldier on we all must, however reluctantly.

The only requirement to gain the requisite credits was to demonstrate you remained alive during the two hour tour of whatever subject was before us, by intermittently signing in, as directed. Failure to do so resulted in a failing grade.

Much as my wife had done with me the day before, the gentleman speaking to those gathered gave a brief explanation of how to confirm at the proper time that one was still breathing. He didn't have a clue of my absurdly broad limitations.

When the first mandate to respond was given, I rushed to perform my task. Several minutes later, after clicking anything and everything that appeared within several miles of the screen, I simply gave up in defeat.

Part Three

This is a typical day in my life, a/k/a my life in a daze

Part Four

I hear what you are thinking. I would much appreciate  if you would not repeat it.. 



Anonymous said...

You're so special


Anonymous said...

Same word I was thinking - "special"


Anonymous said...

Who cares about that. You are so loveable

Anonymous said...

One major downside of Biden becoming President is that we hardly hear from you anymore!