Saturday, March 13, 2021

I Have Lost My Voice

I seem to have lost my voice. No, not laryngitis. Just that I well knew how to talk angry, frustrated, bewildered, throwing political daggers, rat-a-tat-tat, like Ali in his prime. But I have forgotten how to converse in words not filled with rage against the machine.

Four years of Pavlovian responses to every utterance that raised the hair on the back of my neck, every tweet that threw me into a post that wrote itself almost faster then my fingers would allow.

Four years waking each morning knowing that there would soon lay before me a smorgasbord of possibilities for me to dig into, my thoughts dripping with sarcasm, disdain, or pure hate.

Damn you Joe Biden. Damn your quiet, your compassion, your capacity to meet challenges with truth, with reason, with relentless determination. Damn you for signing into law a bill that does so much good not only beating back the pandemic, but giving possibility to those struggling mightily every day. Damn your competence. Damn your concern.

You have robbed me of everything that gave me my strength. I am now Samson with a crew cut. I am Abbott without Costello. I am Mark Mcgwire without steroids.

Do something really wrong Joe. For me. Please. I need my voice back.


Michael Gansl said...

Don’t worry Robert. You can use your voice against all those Republicans who want to silence your friend Joe. He still needs your voice to speak up. Do not just stand back and stand by.

Anonymous said...

Surely you have some upbeat diddy or sweet prose working in that wonderful head of yours.....!


Anonymous said...

amazing isn’t it, how one man, sitting on a such a powerful stage can instill, perhaps transfer, his anger into so many


Anonymous said...

Haha. You still have a great voice. You just have to change your tune. For instance...damn all the Republicans for voting against the bill. For instance...Were they willing to sacrifice their constituents by voting against helping them in a futile attempt to sabotage President Biden? Are they more align with trump who wants President Biden to fail at everything so he(trump) could slither back into office?

You're great with words so continue using them to open the eyes of Republican voters.


Anonymous said...

Your past outstanding words have qualified you to take a well deserved rest.....for another 10 seconds. Now get to work. You will have plenty of material concerning the Republicans. More evil coming soon to a statehouse near you.--RE

Anonymous said...

But still a true nyy fan through it all!! You could have thrown Alex under the bus but you chose Mark!! See not all bad....


Anonymous said...

So true
Amazing how trump has dropped off the radar and our everyday conversation