Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Let Those Doses Go

("Let Our Doses Go")

 We have spent the last four years in an "America First" downward spiral, our morality disappearing as we turned our backs on those in need seeking to escape desperate struggles from imploding Islamic nations as well as from our border to the South.

With the election of Mr. Biden, we were assured our moral compass would return. This is a true test of our resolve. Do we stand idle while China and Russia, nations we rightly criticize for their human rights abuses, deliver the vaccines, or do we swiftly act with compassion and empty our warehouses of stored product we neither need nor will use?

Let us demonstrate we are not the ugly American as portrayed by Mr. Trump, that he was mere aberration. Open our arms, our hearts and indeed, let those doses go. 


Anonymous said...

So with you.


Anonymous said...

You always manage to bring the goosebumps out in me!