Monday, March 22, 2021

Troubled State of Mind

 These folks all went astray

On their holiday in this neighborhood
Party hard in Miami Beach cause they're in the mood
I'm making my exit 
From this third degree crime
I'm in a troubled state of mind

Seen all the police cars
Right outside the bars with a million teens
The signs of mayhem all about this scene
I've got to be leaving
No poetry here, no rhyme
I'm in a troubled state of mind

Its not been easy as you lived each day
With no touch, all alone in your room
Now you don't care the laws you break
You need this time, you're on the news
But there's a reality
That won't disappear even though you try
It's here on the streets there's just no way to hide
So I'm taking the first plane, waving you good bye
I'm in a troubled state of mind 


Anonymous said...

If it wasn’t so sad, surely Billy would sing it in MSG, you’d here a pin drop, there would be puddles upon puddles of tears and you would be perched on a high stool sitting right next to him at the piano.


Anonymous said...

so sad. there is so much pent up frustration that we need more than hugs, we need interaction with our peers. so i can understand the kids frustration. masks work, social distancing works, these are the two pieces of the puzzle that must be in pace at all times so that we can hug safely in the near future,