Sunday, May 9, 2021

Liz Cheney - Open the Damn Window

 ("Is Liz Cheney a Martyr - or Just a Hack in Holy Drag")

Kudos for Liz Cheney? Don't go there.

Do you want political courage? Denounce, renounce the party. Take a real stand, tell them this not what you signed up for, does not represent values that you can support, does not have an ounce of decency, of moral clarity remaining.

Give up your position of power voluntarily and gladly. Tell them you no longer consider yourself a Republican, that you will think and vote as an Independent. That you are not abandoning politics, you are just moving away from a group that attaches itself to Mr. Trump and the beliefs he espouses.

But of course none of this will happen. Because none of that holds true for Liz Cheney. She is rooted in Republican orthodoxy, notwithstanding this flicker of revolt. And whether this signals the undoing of her career or not is of no moment.

I wait for one Republican with true courage, one who says too much is enough, one who does not back away but stands toe to toe for as long as it takes to bring this aberration, this abomination of a party to its knees.

"Go the window, open it wide and shout at the top of your lungs I'm mad as Hell and I can't take it anymore." 

Liz, the window is still shut. You have to open the window Liz. Liz, open the damn window.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Waiting to see courage from anyone across the aisle.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath


Anonymous said...

She won't. No one will. They are all too damn scared of this A-hole


Anonymous said...

Liz Cheney has created a political smoke-screen for her father Dick Cheney, who has set our country back 50 years by engineering the Republican staffing strategy leading to the Trump "Imperial Presidency", Not even a so-called moderate Republican like Larry Hogan (governor of Maryland) has enough courage to stop Trump's toxic momentum..--RE