Monday, May 31, 2021

Naomi Osaka

 ("Naomi Osaka Quits the French Open After Conference Dispute")

This was, at its most fundamental, not intended as an act of disrespect, not intended as an act of confrontation, not intended as an act of rebellion. Rather, to my eyes, it was an act of self preservation.

Who are we to question the motivation of Naomi Osaka? From the first she has shown a vulnerability, a hesitancy. Maybe that is what drew so many to her. And when she asserted herself, even in her silent statement with the masks she wore throughout last year's Open, we believed in the depth of her commitment.

And if she struggles with depression, no matter if she makes $50 million dollars a year, we owe it to her to listen and understand with the same respect we have shown her elsewhere.

Let us be compassionate and full of grace in our response to a woman who has done nothing but demonstrate both in abundance. 

The last year should have taught us all what is truly important. And it is definitely not  whether we are deprived a few meaningless post match comments.


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Eileen said...

Once again, you write a profound truth. I, like many others, might see Her actions as arrogance or disrespect but that is on us. None of us know what anyone else is dealing with. I thank you for your insight

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Well said. Thank you for making it so clear!

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I agree!