Sunday, May 16, 2021

Old Friends

 He sat there, the center of this universe. Diet coke, his weapon of choice, held firmly in his grasp. He said little, but he ruled with a smile, the occasional laugh, or an almost imperceptible nod of approval for some tale brought before him.

We were here in celebration of his birthday. In recognition of our many, many years of friendship. Knowing he was navigating, a bit unsteadily, through turbulent waters. Knowing that there were struggles already written in stone for all his tomorrow's .

But there was not a hint of sorrow in this place. Only joy in all of us recounting the same stories we have always told, those that we knew brought him happiness. Grateful for these hours together, these hours that until recently had been stolen from all of us. Pleasure in us knowing this was a good day for him. A really good day.

It is hard watching, even from a distance. Even from here the cracks in his armor bring silent sadness. Yet, for a sliver of time, we are able to provide salve for his wounds. We are not capable of more, but in this spot, gathered in a circle around him, as his lieges, it is more than enough.

We got a note from his daughter after we had all gone our separate ways, recounting her dad's comment on what had just transpired. "You know, I think the thing I've done best in my life is finding amazing friends."

My friend, my friend, my friend. 

May each of your days be filled with dignity. May each of your hours be bathed in love. May each touch bring you warmth. May each thought bring a smile to your face. 

With all I have to offer, your humble servant, your now and forever friend.


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This is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

You made me cry.


Alex said...

Beautiful words for a beautiful friendship.

HER said...

A beautiful tribute to the power of friendship.

Anonymous said...

You truly know what to embrace and cherish in life....


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Thanks. Very special


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Great post. I got choked up JMK

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You made me cry.


Unknown said...

Beautiful comments from a beautiful friend! AM

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so touching


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Very sweet piece... I know and understand the difficulties.