Friday, May 7, 2021

Peanuts, Crackerjacks and a Vaccine


The Yankees and Mets will offer free tickets to spectators who get vaccinated against COVID-19 at sites set up right at the game.

Fully vaccinated spectators will also be able to attend Yankees and Mets games in sections designated for 100% capacity starting this month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday. Separate sections for unvaccinated guests will still enforce six feet of social distancing between parties, at 33% of total capacity.   

The changes will go into effect on May 19


Wait a minute. I could have gotten an upgrade to more legroom and a free ticket to another game if only I had decided not to be vaccinated until I combined it with some peanuts and crackerjacks?

Is it a scarlet letter or a badge of honor to be seated in the "do not come near" section of the Stadium?

Should they not have held out until the Yankees were giving away chances to go on a socially distanced road trip with the team?

Who said it doesn't pay to delay?

I know I should be more forgiving, more understanding of those who may have myriad reason for vaccine hesitancy. But please don't try to tell me there won't be at least a smattering among the scattered who accept their booty with a wink, a smile and a feeling that they have snookered the rest of us. We who are massed together in our less spacious environs with our double vaccinations and double lattes.

This is a deadly serious, DEADLY serious issue and every person shot is potentially a life, or many lives, saved. So, I get that we as a society must do everything within our power, in as many ways as we can conceive, to inoculate those who wait so they can join the crowd in the sections where you have to stand  shoulder to shoulder on lines for half an hour to get an overpriced not too tasty hot dog on a stale bun.

Or maybe that is not the most effective way to entice them.


Anonymous said...

Life these days seems stranger than fiction.

Enjoy the baseball season in any way you choose.


Anonymous said...

Cute. I've sent it on to my brother, a season-ticket holder for the Mets.