Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Poor Rudy

 ("Guiliani's Legal Bills Are Growing. His Allies Want Trump to Pay Them")

Poor Rudy.

The man who tried to rebuild a moribund career by playing sycophant to a morally bankrupt President, by outdoing his leader (a seemingly impossible task) in defining "how low can you go", now finds himself Michael Cohened by a mafia Don sitting on hundreds of millions of post election booty. Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink for Rudy.

When you lie down with dogs what can you expect? In the dictionary, if one were to look up "it couldn't happen to a nicer guy" the image appearing would be of Mr. Guiliani's squirming unhappiness in now awakening on the wrong end of the prosecutor's gaze.

Maybe Mr. Trump will be persuaded to throw some of his ill gotten funds in the direction of his once, and possibly future, lackey. But Rudy should not count on Mr. Trump's generosity of spirit to keep the former NYC  mayor's coffers from becoming as empty as Donald's campaign promises to drain the swamp.

You see Rudy, in Donald Trump's universe you pay for your own mistakes. And his. 

Just another stiffed contractor.


Grandma said...

Deee licious!

Unknown said...

So true! He could have had a post mayoral career of speech-making and writing books. Instead, he went lower than low. AM

Anonymous said...

He deserves all the bills


Anonymous said...

So very good! This applies to your writing and Rudy's troubles!--RE

Anonymous said...

Let's start a Kickstarter fund for poor Rudy