Saturday, May 8, 2021

Round Pegs and Square Holes

 ('Belonging Is Stronger than Facts': the Age of Misinformation)

When you start the process with conclusions and work backwards from there, it takes no effort to fill in the void with untruths.

If one begins with premise that Barack Obama is not to be trusted, then how difficult is it to believe he was not born in the United States despite any and all proofs to the contrary?

Conversely, if Donald Trump is perceived as a straight shooting outsider willing to expose the government for all its faults, then finding the 2020 election results was the product of fraud does not require any evidence that can withstand the light of day.

And yes, echo chambers amplify that noise a thousandfold. Being greeted, bombarded, with the fodder for your pre-ordained result provides easy sustenance for the mind and the soul. If Fox News had never been, if Rupert Murdoch had never found financial success in manufacturing means to justify the ends, then who knows whether truth might have stood a better chance of survival. 

And, oh yes, facts do have a liberal bias. Some answers remain real, even in the age of illusion.


Anonymous said...

So very well said. Paid subscription cable news, such as Fox, needs to fall under the jurisdiction of the FCC censorship guidelines, which bring accountability to the major non-subscription public networks. With that said, there are probably enough stupid people in this world that would believe any lie, even with censorship in place --RE

Anonymous said...

And even if facts are made of solid brick and people run smack into them, it doesn’t seem to make one damn bit of difference.