Wednesday, May 12, 2021

The Party With No Clothes

 ("The Trump G.O.P.'s Plot Against Liz Cheney- and Our Democracy")

This is now the party with no clothes, fully exposed. No longer hiding behind subterfuge, no more insinuation, no need for interpretation. Naked in its obvious contempt for the basic precepts of truth, of justice. Unadulterated, full throated in its embrace of a new version of the American way.

Donald Trump is not the catalyst but the excuse. Donald Trump is not the ends but the means. Donald Trump is not the why but merely the smokescreen for why not.

This iteration of the G.O.P. cares not whether Mr. Trump won or lost. It is only interested in how one plays the game. And it has decided that a field tilted in its direction is just fine, thank you.

Liz Cheney, your pledge of allegiance to something you long ago abandoned, is far too little and way too late. You and your fellow leaders in the House and Senate are Dr. Frankenstein. Your monster has been unleashed. You created it. You own it.


Anonymous said...

Superb! This says it all. Please please send this to the NY Times! --RE

Robert said...

Thanks for your far too kind comment. This was sent to the Times but I am in that dreaded 60 day double secret probation window between times in which they will consider the next letter for publication.