Thursday, June 3, 2021

Mr. Trump, Don't Take Down That Blog

 ("Trump Shuts Down His Blog, Frustrated By Its Low Readership")

Donny, sorry to learn you deep sixed your blog. I thought it was the perfect forum for you.

It is really the place where ideas can be shaped and crystallized without unnecessary angst. Take it from someone who has labored for well over a decade in this arena and can still count my followers on my fingers and toes with a few digits to spare. 

Here you can test out your vile bile, like a comedian doing late night out of town stand up, keeping in the lines that draw laughs and discarding the rest. Here you can get ready for your return to prime time hatred and inciting insurrection. Here you can perfect your art of misdirection. Here you can rededicate yourself to your engine of destruction without unwanted sniping.

So please rethink your decision. The blogosphere is your ally, not your enemy. Don't put it to bed, not yet. Spend a few more months, or maybe even a year, tinkering with your material, getting your act two together. The world will thank you for it. At least that part of the world who counts each day without your incessant whining as a blessing.

Mr. Trump, don't take down that blog.

And, oh, by the way, in case you are interested, you can catch my blog at tooearlytocall.com. I am certain you will love it. 


Harvey F Leeds said...

Best blog yet!

Anonymous said...

Love this. The question is how long his destruction and lies go marching on....


Anonymous said...

Just priceless! Love it.--RE