Sunday, June 6, 2021

Should The Dems Govern In Contemplation Of Trump?

 ("Three Paths to Containing Trump")

Is not the point of governing just that? To govern.

I despair of a party that leads not on principles but contemplation of what is most likely to keep them in power. Of a democracy that does not reward ideals but more likely triangulations. Of a country that reasons not what is good for the whole but what may be likely to keep one man from taking the oath of office in January of 2025.

I say to the Democrats push your agenda with every ounce of your energy. Act as if you were elected to do the good you promised. Don't allow Donald Trump to dictate the future of this country from his golf course or wherever else he may plant his ample ego.

So, Mr. Douthat, if you are asking me, and you are, I suggest the way to make America great again (sorry to borrow that phrase from you know who) is to do great things, or at least be willing to die (politically) trying. Don't govern in fear but in fervent pursuit of your beliefs.

Go big or go home.

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Anonymous said...

The Democrats need a passionate "Explainer" to tell the American people why the legislation is critically needed and what it will take to get a law passed, and name the individual Republicans who are standing in the way and be willing to do open combat against those obstructionists the way LBJ or Truman did. That person is unfortunately not President Biden, who is neither passionate or brave enough to throw Republicans under the bus. His back-slapping behind-the-scenes style under Obama lost the upper hand with the high court among many other things. He is the wrong guy for this. . He needs to stop trying to pull everyone to the middle of the party--RE