Thursday, July 1, 2021

You're Damn Right I Ordered the Code Red

 ("Trump organization CFO expected in court after indictment")

"Tell me this is not all you've got."

While I might be butchering the Nicholson to Cruise line in "A Few Good Men", the sneering Nicholson's cynical quizzing of the young prosecutor trying to take him down seems sadly appropriate at this moment.

My God, can we do no better than beating up a Trump accountant for his personal tax indiscretions? 

Let us hope there is method to this madness. That this is but tightening the screws on a Mafia underling as they move ever closer to taking down the Don. Let us hope this is not but the beginning of a decades long odyssey that ends with a nonagenerian Trump still standing, still defiant, still avoiding his day of reckoning for a lifetime of unbridled wrongdoing.

Why is it so hard to find criminal activity by this man? 

Please tell me one day soon he will crack open like a pinata. That he will scream, wild eyed and ever belligerent, "You're damn right I ordered the Code Red."

If only life imitated art.


Bruce said...

I don't like Trump anymore than you--in fact I find him to be a continuing threat to the safety and welfare of our nation and the world--but, if this is the big crime that Cy Vance can get on him, I must commend him for exercising restraint if tax evasion is is the only allegation that can stand, while I also condemn the left wing/progressive/liberal wing of the Democratic party who were quick to ignore due process for the likes of Trump and Cosby, while supporting less cops, fewer prosecutions, unlocked jail cells, elimination of bail and the right to sneak on to a subway ride for those who are like minded to them. The double standard of justice cannot stand.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the bigger endgame here is that Trump's source of strength and control has been his organization's money. If that money source is neutralized, his political support will hopefully weaken. --RE

Anonymous said...

You’re right. I hope so but if you remember from the Untouchables, they got Al Capone over a tax impropriety, not murder or other mayhem. As long as he goes to prison


Harvey F Leeds said...


Anonymous said...

Don’t think we will ever see trump in an orange jump suit.