Thursday, August 12, 2021

A Place Where Only Dreams Should Reside

 ("Shoeless Joe Won't Be There. Aaron Judge Will")

Having an actual game here, does, I believe, a fundamental disservice to a  "Field of Dreams." For the passion of this fable lies in memories, in connections to those who are no longer in the stands, and those who no more stand between the lines.

Like Ray Kinsella, I meet up with my dad in this land where the corn is as high as an elephant's eye. This is not a place where back up ballplayers take their positions, Covid and injuries infecting our vision. Not a spot where strikeouts proliferate and paychecks could  sustain poor nations.

Baseball is a sport unlike any other, regulated not by clock, or the demands of a world forever on the move. Here time slows, and we are free to revel in the company of those who bring the most meaning to our life. Here, is where we have a moment to breathe, to feel the beat of our heart. And let our minds roam, unrestricted by the constrictions of time and place. 

So, while today I will root for my Yankees as I do every other day, I will be saddened a bit that they have invaded a place where only dreams should reside.


Bruce said...

The Yankees like most other MLB teams are mediocre. Being a Met fan, I often watch Yankee games because I do not care who wins and am entertained by the slow, languid pace of baseball with their average pitching, hitting, fielding, running and managing. So, yes, the Yankees are appropriate for an Iowa cornfield playing a kids game in order to reinvigorate an old film that was just as mediocre as the game, the teams that will play and our lives. (As for the Mets, they are mediocre too and perhaps the two teams should have faced off in a best of three instead of charging $800 per seat during interleague play).

Anonymous said...

Love this.


Anonymous said...

Good call


Anonymous said...

One of baseball's best movies; no place for the Yankees