Tuesday, August 17, 2021


It is an image that will be repeated on endless loop: a scene of utter chaos, people fearing for their lives, masses trying to flee what might be. The absence of control placed squarely on the shoulders of the one blamed for precipitating the moment through his words and deeds.

And as we raised our voices after the storming of our castle on January 6th, and held Donald Trump guilty as the accelerant, so too the man who replaced Mr. Trump will face the slings and arrows for the scene on the tarmac in Kabul yesterday.

I wonder if any of those who compared the siege at the Capitol to a tourist visit will find it in their heart to be so forgiving of this debacle, deeming it merely a question of overcrowding and poor administration of the ticketing process.  

January 6th, 2021 and August 16th 2021, two dates that will live in infamy as the very definition of our democracy and the reach of our ideals, came under brutal attack.

Linking two very different men, two very different Presidents, together in ways that would have been almost impossible to imagine.


Anonymous said...

And an “endless loop” of fears and tears.


Anonymous said...

Great letter. So tragic. When will we ever learn?


Bruce said...

If only the Afghan army fought half as hard as the people trying to board the airplanes, perhaps the Taliban would have been held at bay. Biden acquitted himself well and I believe that the Taliban would have moved in and taken over eventually. This lesson is not lost on me but not well reported. A gang of arrogant men who answer to no one but their version of a deity, with all the time in the world, will eventually take possession of what you hold dear. Why? Because, they wish to make no progress and relish in the company of each without any art, music or culture but with an occasional little boy or little girl. I am not sure if this will come back and bite us on the ass or if the withdrawal was an honest move, much needed ten years ago. I worry about the rise of strongmen and autocrats and I fear that the US may be in for another iteration of Trump. This is what happens when you make a mistake, tell the truth and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...