Monday, August 30, 2021

Death In Denial

 ("Ron DeSantis, How Many Covid Deaths Are Enough?")

Death in Denial. 

It may sound like the title of an Agatha Christie murder mystery but it is not. It is a killing happening in plain sight, over and over day after day. More like 50 First Dates or  Groundhog Day.

But unlike those movies, life never improves here. Our central character doesn't learn from the error of his ways. There is no happy conclusion to this tale. Not as long as Governor DeSantis is directing this picture.

Death in Denial is playing all over the state of Florida. It is a land of sirens and wails, of overflowing morgues and overwhelmed hospitals, of endless anguish and neverending tortured twisting of  truths. It is a horror film that even Wes Craven could not have imagined.

A Nightmare on Elm Street had nothing on this picture. And the Oscar for worst performance by a Governor in a leading role goes to Ron DeSantis.  

Well deserved Governor. Well deserved.


Unknown said...

Exactly! AMJR

Bruce said...

This proves the gullibility of many people so long as the purveyor of the information is from their tribe. It is this lack of critical thinking they will be the death knell of the American Democratic experiment.

Anonymous said...

But his approval rate in FL is higher than Bidens. F'ing idiots. P