Friday, September 10, 2021

(DEAD)Line In the Sand

 They should be denominated DEADlines, or maybe even deadLINES.

Yesterday, in President Biden's speech, and in the vote of the Los Angelos Board of Education, far reaching vaccine mandates were finally announced. Sort of. With an asterisk.

As this nation hovers around 150,000 new Coronavirus cases  and 1500 deaths each day, as the Delta variant wreaks havoc 18 months into our nightmare, President Biden announced a red line for a major swath of the working population, to be enforced AFTER A 75 DAY GRACE PERIOD.  And in L.A., children 12 and over have UNTIL NOVEMBER 21 TO GET THEIR FIRST SHOT.

Where is the urgency? We are swimming in vaccines, booster shots now readily available for those ALREADY VACCINATED, the President pledging to donate up to a half billion shots to needy nations. Is it logistics demanding these delays? Then shame on us for not being prepared. If this is not the case, then why allow MORE THAN 2 MONTHS TO PASS BEFORE THE (DEAD)LINE IN THE SAND IS CROSSED?

When is an emergency not an emergency? When we treat it that way.


Bruce said...

There are 330 million Americans living in the 50 states. 200 million of them have at least one vaccine. I presume that at least 50 million are either too sick or too young to have any vaccine at all. This leaves 80 million who should but do not have any vaccine, or, 24%, akin to those Americans who still smoke cigarettes or who are morbidly obese, (which are two "conditions" that can be remedied with a bit of self-control and medical help). Thus, of those 80 million, we have to find a way around them. We are wasting our valuable time, our efforts and our money in trying to reach them by doing more than we are already doing. I say 'enough'. If they wish to go around without protection that is their business. We cannot do anything further and would be better spending time, money and effort on those who did the responsible thing.

Anonymous said...

I guess people have to get ready to get ready to get ready to not get sick or die or be the reason others get sick or die. Or they have to get paid for it!!


Anonymous said...

If enough people remain unvaccinated, the virus will eventually mutate into a virus that cannot be stopped with the current vaccine. Therefore, the unvaccinated people are still our business. The only solution is to allow health insurance companies to surcharge these people as high risk.--RE