Thursday, September 9, 2021

The True Measure of Who We Are

 (The Texas Abortion Law Is Not 'Extreme')

Dr. Prior is correct. Each life has value. Whether you be poor, sick, old, black, Muslim, undocumented immigrant, every human being should be treated with care. And, as Dr. Prior alludes to almost as an aside, it is easy to demonstrate love for one before their birth, much more challenging thereafter. 

That is, in part, what I find so distressing in those who argue to sustain the unborn but do so little to aid, and so much to harm so many from the time they arrive until they depart.

Where is their compassion for those who rely on government assistance for their economic survival, for those whose educational surroundings place them at severe disadvantage, for those who seek shelter from unbearable circumstances in other lands, for those whose sin is merely being born a different shade or expressing a different sexual orientation, for those whose daily suffering is unending and unrelenting but who are not permitted a dignified exit from this existence?

Let the ones who profess such commitment to the unborn, demonstrate an equal amount of human kindness to the many they now treat with such open disregard.

Protecting and respecting life doesn't end at birth but stretches from cradle to grave. Show me you believe in the preservation of all beings who inhabit this planet.  It is only in that realm that we determine the true measure of who we are.


Bruce said...

I fear that we are living in an increasingly Malthusian world where scarce resources shall be allocated amongst those who have more influence, education and funds. The rationale will be that these people made good choices and/or were lucky to be born and raised where they are. Others, not so lucky and not so good with the options. Can something be done about this? Not sure but more likely not, I think.

Grandma said...

Cradle to grave. So well said Robert

Anonymous said...

Another wise and “true measure” of your literary capacity to hold others accountable.