Thursday, October 21, 2021

Seeing Red

 ("How Will Blue America Deal With Endless Covid?")

Mr Douthat's slap in the face to "blue states" for what he considers their wild continuing overreaction to a disease that has killed close to three quarters of a million people makes my blood boil.

How dare he make it appear that we are in the wrong, that we are fools in our continued insistence that mask wearing and vaccination are not an infringement on freedom but merely the exercise of the essential power we possess to make life as close to what it was before it became what it now is.

So he strongly suggests that we accept the reality that he would impose, that we should forego our rhetoric, lower our temperature from boil to simmer and be more like the red states which he so clearly favors. No thanks.

Don't make us, don't make me the bad guy in your morality play Mr. Douthat. It makes me sick, or at least it could. So I, not very politely, turn down your invitation to shut my mouth, open my eyes and take off my mask to the world as you see it. 

Your words make me see red. Not be red.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! My blood boils and I see red too as more and more local folks take off their masks in public indoor, poorly ventilated environments.

As we near ¾ million deaths, it is impossible to understand the callous disregard for safety of our communities.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.