Saturday, November 27, 2021

A Fly on the Wall (the "Get Back" Tapes)

Harrison's silent sulk 

Oh no's primal scream

Lennon's me and my shadow
McCartney's fractured dream

Just a fly on the wall
Watching history rewrite
I'm just a fly on the wall
Watching a very long good night

   Peering at the denouement
   As they search for answers
   Trying hard to reach detente
   And eradicate the cancer

    An invite to a funeral
A half a century late
The embers of a love affair
Die on one last date

Just a fly on the wall
Watching their story in plain sight
I'm just a fly on the wall
Watching the orbit of their last flight

We are so much older 
64 long since passed
What was once is no more
Forever never lasts

Just a fly on the wall
Watching a mystery in bright light
I'm just a fly on the wall
Watching yesterday in black and white
Just a fly on the wall
Like a moth drawn to a flame
Hovering over one last time
Investigating their fame

   Just a fly on the wall
   Watching their majestic might
   I'm just a fly on the wall
   Watching their last good night



Anonymous said...

U r amazing- I don't like crying so early in the morning


Anonymous said...

Loving the show

Anonymous said...

So beautifully written. Wonderful -- RE

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts-just started watching part 1. I see McCartney as the spouse trying so hard to make this marriage work, George is the fed up partner-ready to go their separate ways. John is already gone, found a new soul mate in Yoko and Ringo is just Ringo-the happy peacemaker who will be ok whichever way it goes. The best part of the story is the music lives on and when they and we are gone, will continue to bring joy


Anonymous said...

Wow, very powerful stuff. That’s fly’s eye view rings true.


Robert said...

Beautifully articulated, Robbie...

I watched this weekend in utter rapture. Though in latter years, I much preferred John's music to Wings, McCartney came off as such a force of nature in this presentation- beyond his immense talent, he had vision and a great head for business.
Hard to believe that they were only really together as a proper band in the Godlike way we perceived them stateside for what, about 4 years? Nothing even remotely compares. And their impact lives on and on....

xx, J