Friday, November 5, 2021

The Sky Is Not Actually Falling

 ("Democrats Deny Political Reality At Their Own Peril")

We are political creatures of the moment. We read tea leaves, connect the dots and speak treatises on what it all means. We are far too myopic, casting this time, this day, this election as a permanent imprint. When the truth is that it is all shifting sands beneath our feet.

I remember the death knell sounding for the Republican party in 2008. Barack Obama signaled a new era. Demographics were inevitably, inextricably moving in one direction. If Republicans did not recognize what had just transpired, if they did not change with the times, if they did not open their eyes and their arms to the future, they were DOA.

Instead, they moved further right. They hardened their rhetoric, hardened their obstinacy and ended up with a fool on the hill occupying the Oval office.

And now the Dems, stymied by not only the immovable force on the other side, but being cannibalized by their own, seem powerless in power. Covid further sapping them of their strength. And, in Virginia, race baiting the playing card that pushed the Dems over a cliff.

So the pundits call for seismic shift in focus, before the Democratic party withers away. But reports of their demise are, as history repeatedly reminds us, premature. And what seems the darkest night will give way to a new dawn.

It was, is and will forever be so. Ebb and flow the natural course of a democracy.

Unless, of course, when we wake up one tomorrow, democracy has left the building. But for today at least, the sky is not actually falling.


Anonymous said...

So well said.--RE

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Eileen said...

I am trying to remain optimistic but the pit in my stomach is getting deeper. Democrats need to show some guts and realize they have to change the game plan. They are fighting a cruel and heartless enemy -our democracy depends on it!