Thursday, November 25, 2021

What I'm Not Thankful For

 ("The Republicans We're Thankful For")

Not to be a fly in the thank you ointment but:

1. Could Liz Cheney have been wagering (for now it seems incorrectly) there would be a post-Trump universe in which her impeachment vote could lead to her being a front-runner in 2024?  

2. Could Adam Kinzinger have already had one foot out the door when he concurred with Ms. Cheney? And, oh by the way, Mr. Kinzinger has now announced he also is dipping a toe or two of his own into the 2024 waters.

3. Could the infrastructure package have been one the Republican party once backed and thus this pre-no yes serve (in 2022 or 2024) as cover for those who gave their assent to its passage?

4. Could various officials in  Georgia, Pennsylvania, Florida and Oregon have principally been defending their own actions rather than letting others attack them without reply?

I know this is Thanksgiving but are we supposed to put our brains on hold on this day while we give praise where none, or at least very little, is rightly due?

Let these men and women all leave their party and denounce it for its every ill. Then, and only then, will you be able to count me among those heaping praise upon them for their courage.

Until then I say thanks, but no thanks.


Anonymous said...

I love that the maga hatted ones refuse vaccine mandates, social distancing and mask face wearing, not complain that Biden did do enough to contain pandemic.

Hypocrites all…they are dicusting individuals. Always said that the GOP have no social conscience.

Anonymous said...

So true!


Anonymous said...

You betcha! And so much more