Friday, December 24, 2021

A History Lesson on Why Donald Trump Will Not Be Charged with Inciting an Insurrection

 ("Will Donald Trump Get Away with Inciting an Insurrection?")

Michael Cohen in 2018, while acting in "coordination with and at the direction of individual 1... a person who ultimately ran a successful campaign for President of the United States", committed campaign contribution violations in buying the silence, for $130,000, of Stormy Daniels. While Mr  Cohen pled guilty and went to jail, Individual 1 has still not been charged.

Robert Mueller's investigation of Mr. Trump's possible involvement with Russia's attempt to undermine the 2016 election revealed a laundry list of the President's efforts to obstruct justice, from trying to have Mr. Mueller fired, to directing Paul Manafort not to cooperate with the investigation. Mr. Mueller's report, despite the proclamation to the contrary of Attorney General William Barr, did not exonerate the President. Donald Trump has still not been charged.

President Zelensky of the Ukraine was asked for a "favor" by Donald Trump,  to dig up dirt on Joe Biden, as a possible quid pro quo for Mr. Trump authorizing the release of military aid to Ukraine. This would constitute bribery, if proven. Donald Trump has still not been charged.

Mr. Trump requested that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger just 'find' 11,780 votes so that the President, who had lost this state by one vote less than the number referenced, would now be declared winner of their electoral votes. This constituted, if proven, a number of felonies including solicitation of a public official to commit election fraud.  Donald Trump has still not been charged.

The President's "charitable foundation" clearly believed in the immutable concept that charity begins at home. Further, New York State has filed charges against a Trump accountant for the practice of overvaluing Trump assets for Mr. Trump to be better able to obtain loans against these assets. Yet, Donald Trump has still not been charged with tax fraud.

The President repeatedly directed others to ignore or defy subpoenas issued by Congress. He has still not been charged with obstruction.

So forgive me if I am more than a little skeptical that Mr. Trump's role in the actions that took place at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 will lead to the filing of charges against him.

Mr. Trump once stated he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue, shoot someone, and not lose any voters. And he could have added, and not been charged with a crime.


PickleBiz said...

If the Supreme Court allows him to exert exec privilege over the docs the House is seeking, it will be the last nail, among the many you have mentioned, in the coffin of justice.

PickleBiz said...
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Sad but true


Anonymous said...

If anyone knows when he will be standing in the middle of 5th Avenue, I would appreciate a heads up. --RE

Anonymous said...

Can you please send this ASAP to Merrick Garland?
You have once again put into words the ‘unthought known’ that keeps more than half the country up at night.
Keeeep writing!

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You are so frighteningly, unequivocally, sickeningly and beyond sadly right.


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Well said. Sadly. amjr