Sunday, December 26, 2021

Battle Hymn of the Unvaccinated

 ("As Omicron Spreads and Cases Soar, the Unvaccinated Remain Defiant")

You say you want me vaccinated
Well you know I would rather that I not
For I've been anti-facts-inated
And I know I don't need your fake news shot

And if you talk of my destruction
Well you know that you're damn wrong no doubt

Cause you know I'm gonna be alright
I'll still be alright, alright

You say I've been hallucinated
Well you know I'd say I see things right
I'm done with all your hate hate hated
And you know I am itching for a fight

And if you think I need instruction
Well I know what I talk about

Cause you know I'm gonna be alright
I've still got real insight, insight

You tell me get inoculated
Well you know that's just not in the plan
I'd rather that you concentrated
On showing love to your fellow man

I will leave with this deduction
You're walking blind into the night

Can't you see I'm alright 
Just let it be alright
Just let me be alright
I'm just me alright
Alright, all right


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Anonymous said...

“Oh, when will they ever learn? When will they ever learn?”