Monday, December 6, 2021

Twas the Night Before Christmas

 Twas the night before Christmas 

And Santa was pissed

His sleigh was half empty 
Half the houses he'd miss

No it wasn't the supply chain
That would keep St. Nick out
Not a scarcity of elves
Willing to scurry about

It wasn't the North Pole
Where the snow turned to rain
It wasn't the reindeer
That stopped his refrain

But this man was old
Overweight and aware
Of the power of Covid
And he knew not to dare

To go down the chimneys
Of the homes anti-vax
Of the places where protection
For Santa was lax

Though he had the vaccines
And the booster too
His doctor had told him
And well Santa knew

He could not take the risk
He could not take the chance
Not if he wanted
To continue this dance

So he took to the sky
With light sleigh, heavy heart
Passing over so many
Kids only doing their part

Their stockings would be empty
When they woke in the morn
And instead of good cheer
They'd be sad and forlorn

If only, if only
Was what Santa said
If only, if only
Then I and my sled

Would bring them their presents
Those good girls and boys
My bag would be filled
With millions of toys

But now I am empty
And so I am mad
So little to ask 
So many are sad

All I want is good cheer 
My wish every year
To lessen the heartache 
And wipe away tears

But this time is different
It did not have to be
It would have been easy
For them to see me

No Dancer, no Prancer
And no Rudolph too
For those who refused
To do, just to do

So on Christmas eve
As Santa took flight
He knew for too many
This was not a good night

Not a jolly St. Nick
No ho ho ho man
Not what he had pictured
This was not his plan

And all he could hope 
As he wandered the sky
Was that maybe tomorrow
They could bury the lie

And just have the will
And just have the might
To take a shot in the arm
And make Santa's night

Merry Christmas to all
May your dreams all come true
May your stockings be full 
May Santa find you


Anonymous said...

Love love this! Send it to the NYT!--RE

Anonymous said...

It's good


Anonymous said...

Don’t downplay the supply chain just because the antivax is worse!


Anonymous said...

Fun read. Anyone offended.....


Anonymous said...

.If only the people whose heads and hearts need to be turned (those staunch rejectionists) would read it, hear it, internalize it…..


Anonymous said...

U R unbelievable


Anonymous said...

Well done


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Awed by your talent!!!

Richard Brousseau said...

Excellent ! Love it