Saturday, January 1, 2022

A New Year but, unfortunately, the same old Kevin O'Dowd

 (Trigger Warning: It's My Brother's Turn Again")

Kevin O'Dowd is not the way I wish to begin 2022. Why is today when you choose to unleash him upon us? After all we went through last year, couldn't we have gotten at least one day under our belt without this agita? 

Do I have to be told of Donald Trump's accomplishments? This man who is personally without morals, who disrespected his office, disregarded the Constitution, discarded science which directly led to countless unnecessary deaths from Covid, who was impeached twice and left office in disgrace, who fomented hatreds and divisions, this man does not deserve even a scintilla of praise.

And Joe Biden need not be denigrated for trying to accomplish big things in the face of an opposing party who knows only to oppose, and those in his own ranks who choose not country over party but personal notoriety over the greater good.

I would rather not be lectured to by Mr. O'Dowd any day but certainly not today.

Next year let's hope Kevin finds a different outlet for his rhetoric and the New York Times let's his sister do the talking.


Anonymous said...

You should send this column, in the dorm of a letter, to the Times


Editor's Note - I did

Anonymous said...

You forgot that he lost the popular vote twice. PB