Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Anti - inflammatory. Check.

Anti - nausea. Check.

Anti - constipation. Check.

Antacid. Check.

Anti - pain. Check.

Anti - PAIN. Check.

Anti - aircraft. Antidisestablishmentarianism.

 I just threw in the last two to see if you were paying attention.

Sling. Check.

Reclining chair. Maybe.

Ice Machine. Not yet.

Is the cure worse than the disease?

Winter, spring, summer, fall. All I had to do was fall. And I'd be here....

One month before I can do this. Three before that. And six for the other.

Surgery now in seven days and counting. Step by step and inch by inch. Time crawling on its hand and knees to the cutting room floor.

Seven part questionnaire. On a tablet. "When was the last time you kicked the dog" seemingly the only question not posed.  I felt more pressure to get the right responses than on the S.A.T.

"Can you lift a five pound weight above your shoulder?" If I could, I wouldn't be answering these damn inquiries. 

This pre-op test, plus that one and another. This doctor telling that one I am healthy enough to withstand the slings and arrows.

I wonder if I would be better off just living with one good arm and one that aches at night and doesn't work great during the day. The alternative presented is, let me emphasize, certainly far from appetizing.

But I must swallow my medicine (lots of it) and take the fall (figuratively, this time).  

Line up those pills and hand me the remote.  

Anti - anxiety. 



Anonymous said...

Neighbor ready to help if needed - check


Eileen said...

Speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

You will be fine. Here's a link to my favorite comeback song:
Have them play this as they are wheeling you in.


Harvey F Leeds said...

chicken soup!

Anonymous said...

Oh can I relate! Just went through pre surgical testing, nine million forms and a dr visit telling another dr I can have surgery too. This process has become a full time job with emails and text messages several times a day.


Anonymous said...

Great 👍 Thank you 🙏


Anonymous said...

Not an easy time for u but
Thanks for sharing … you so express what we all would be thinking