Monday, January 10, 2022

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Welcome to the land way way down under where Novak Djokovic is attempting to gain entrance into the state of confusion.

As of yesterday, the score was ad out, Mr. Djokovic serving, trying to back his opponent into a corner of the Court by contending the nation changed the rules of the game on him after his shot, or actually the absence of one. That he qualified to play precisely because he was not following the science. That getting sick made him, well, well. 

He raised a challenge to the call that his over(our) head was out and that he must literally pack his bags and go home. 

This was the tournament before the tournament, where the 20 time major champion could be called a major loser without ever lifting a racket.

Today the Court has ruled Mr. Djokovic may leave Court and enter the court. Except the government says they may have another weapon in their bag of tricks, a drop shot, or actually a not drop shot mandate. Referee decision subject to overrule. The contest apparently still not decided. The score still anybody's guess.

And we thought we had seen it all when Nole was disqualified from the U.S. Open for his shot to the throat of the linesperson. Talk about a shot he really regrets taking.

There is definitely no love in this game..


Anonymous said...

Love this


Anonymous said...

The judge overturned the ruling and he can now play. This is wrong. It is still a global epidemic.

You know his new name is NOVAX Djokovic


Anonymous said...

We can only hope that NOVAX ( I love this, H !) gets booed at every match from this point on.
What an idiot.--RE

Anonymous said...

Novax Djocovid is the full meme now.

I don't know what to think here. Frankly, it's Tennis Australia's fault and their CEO. Understandably he wanted Novak to be able to play and therefore tried to make exceptions along with the Victorian State govt that would potentially allow for his entry to be possible (along with others)...and based on what they told Novak...he actually complied with such. Yet it seems it wasn't prior approved by the federal government. That's their fault...and stupid they didn't do so...not his.

TA and VS should have made it 1000% confirmed and checked with the federal government before sending the rules of exemptions to the players. Multiple players have been let in on the medical exception already...so that's strange...if true...that he's being treated differently unless those exemptions were for actual medical issues and not prior covid...which I think is the case for a couple.

For example...one was. And it's a joke that they then retroactively revoked the visa of a female player...who was already in and had played matches in the warm up tourney...on the same exemption...and made her quarantine in the same hotel as him. That's nuts. She was already in for some time and playing.

At the same time...Novak claims to have gotten covid on Dec 16th, yet there's photo and video evidence of him at events in the following days without a mask or any indication of having covid. So that's fishy. Also I read he only had 1 doctor's note and not the required 3.

In addition...I believe the exception said for having had "acute" covid or symptoms, and his apparently wasn't. How the severity of your symptoms matters doesn't make sense to me since you either had it and have antibodies or didn't have it...but frankly this whole mess.

The Australian people have 100% right to be mad. And yes, Nole rubs many the wrong way and for a reason. But here...it's TA's fault I believe...not his. They could have said to him...true medical reason only or Vax. Then he'd have to get it or not come. No massaging or door left open. They didn't...they made up another exemption and now it's a mess.


Anonymous said...

He now has a name change forever, now infamous, now lost global respect!

Novax is gaming the system trying to slither his way in. What about a moral obligation to protect his family, friends, team, colleagues? The governing bodies need to say vax and play, period! Your choice!

Put their big boy pants on and protect everyone.

That is what role models do!😬