Thursday, February 3, 2022

Pills and Sympathy

 February 2, 5 AM.We are on the Harlem River Drive going 40 MPH, in the middle lane. Cars are passing on both sides, as if we are standing still. My wife's night vision is, to put it bluntly, lousy. When car lights coming in the other direction get near, she tells me she can't see the road. I am on my way to the hospital for surgery. I am just not sure, given how this trip is going, what they might be operating on.

Everyone at the hospital wants to know my name, date of birth and if I know why I am there. Most of the time I get all the answers correct. My favorite part of this experience is the warm long yellow socks they give me to slip into. These make their way home with me, like that imagined bathrobe from the fancy hotel I never stayed in. And a close second is the little tv on a swivel I got to watch in my curtained off cubicle while waiting for my grand entrance. That unfortunately did not get tucked into my goody bag.

I am scheduled to be sliced and diced at 7:30 and, at the appointed hour, I am in an operating room with a lot of strangers, all wearing similar clothing. I don't think I formed any lasting friendships there. 

The next thing I really recall is staring at nine bottles of pills on the bedroom dresser. It does not give me a sense that the next few days will be ones to treasure. I  received a nerve block before surgery, so day one was  actually
a bit of a honeymoon. Today is day two and  now reality has replaced fantasy. And the pills have become my new best friends.

The worst side effect is I don't feel like talking on the phone. So all the sympathy I  could soak up like a sponge is left dangling.  I hope this passes soon as it was probably what I most looked forward to as a collateral benefit for my suffering.  

For the moment, I am tuckered out and will have to leave you here.  But I request that my bride gets the honor of being deemed most exhausted as you can only imagine the length and breadth of her 24 hours. Save your well wishes for the one who deserves it.

P.S. - Our car totally broke down today (from fear, I am quite certain)


Michael Gansl said...

Dear Robert,
We all hope you feel better sooner than later and recover quickly. Of course, you will have to bestow one more medal on your beloved bride!
Despite your inability to talk, we will continue looking forward to hearing more about your journey of recovery!

Bruce said...

Rafuach shaleme! A quick and total recovery for you.

Ken Hurley said...

I know you know. You are one fortunate person. Lot's of reasons too. But, at the top of the list seems to be your loveliest wife and partner, J. When my son was three he loved to point his finger at people and say in his high pitch voice, "You're a lucky guy!" True. Hope your mend is quicker than expected.

Eileen said...

Get well soon!

Norman said...

Hope your recovery will be quick (painful can not be ruled out)!

Laura PB said...

Sending you love and sympathy Robert. You are loved. Enjoy those pain pills. xo

Anonymous said...

We send our strongest wishes for a speedy recovery! I can only imagine what kind of patient you are! But everyday will get a little better. Hang in there. All our best-- RE & LE

Anonymous said...

We are wishing you an easy and, as much as possible, a quick recovery. We are looking forward to walking with you very soon.

g and m

Anonymous said...

So sorry. I’m a familiar patron to hospitals and OR’s. If I never have to make a visit to either one, that would be perfecto to me! Visiting others is an exception. All the best for your speedy recovery. We’ll be thinking good thoughts for you!

All the best to you and your lovely, but exhausted, wife.
M and D

Anonymous said...

Your brain is functioning so soon after surgery. Didn't expect to see a blog for many more days. Here's to a quick recovery. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

You had an injury like a real athlete. You’ll have great tales about your recovery.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you …
At least yesterday came and went
Take good care and listen to your wonderful wife
Write when you can!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the anxiety part and surgery are behind you. Wishing you a speedy recovery and will call you when you are ready, willing and able to schmooze.

R and E

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad to see you're at least well enough to write your Too Early to Call! Get lots of rest and just know that this too shall pass. And before you know it you'll be back to writing letters to the editor.
Take care!


Anonymous said...

Get better soon. All the best


Anonymous said...

Heh Bi Guy, hope that you have a full & complete recovery.

Look at it this way, Tommy John came back from his surgery better than ever. At your age you may have to sign a 1 year contract with plenty of incentives, prove yourself and then your last long term contract!

Feel better, sending love…

M and E

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. Be gentle to yourself and enjoy all the help and sympathy you are receiving.


Anonymous said...

Hope this is a very speedy recovery!!


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hoping the pain is getting better.


Anonymous said...

Your words were appropriately hilarious and sane. I wish you and Joanne and your car speedy recoveries.

I’m ready and willing to help. I’m hoping that by the time you receive this, the majority of the pain will have passed, if not, keep screaming.