Sunday, February 20, 2022

Say It Is So, Joe

 ("Can Dems Dodge Doomsday?")

This presidency has been beset by what seems like the 10 plagues. Covid has been center stage from the first breath of this administration, has taken so many from us, and fundamentally altered the lives of all those who remain.

We are disoriented and disillusioned. We have been shut in, shut out and, in the eyes of far too many, shut up. We see prices rising, tempers flaring and the drumbeat of war escalating. We are scared and scarred.

It is not a moment for Dems to speak of successes, to defend and deny, but rather to admit that we are weary and wary, sad and sick of the struggle. It may not win the day but it won't lose it.

Joe Biden must tell the hard truths in the way that fits this man. He must radiate empathy, compassion and an understanding that America will not be fooled by trying to put lipstick on this particular pig.

By facing the worst with open eyes and open arms, Joe would be the best Joe he can be. It is all we can ask of him and the least we can expect.


Anonymous said...

Should be in every paper


Anonymous said...

Timely piece- written with abundant sensitivity and depth-


Anonymous said...

Exquisite and on the mark.


Anonymous said...

- although I may not comment very much, please know that I am indeed an avid reader, and in the privacy of my own room, I often smile, frown, shake my head, agree, disagree, laugh, and even once in a while shed a tear after reading your missives.
My personal message to you - please continue writing!