Monday, February 21, 2022

Fifty Differences Between Dems and Republicans

The Dems ask what they can do for you.

The Republicans know what they can do to you.

The Dems believe all for one is possible.

The Republicans believe in as much for one as possible.

The Dems see things as they are and ask why.

The Republicans make things up and ask why not.

The Dems reside in a big tent.

The Republicans live in a big house.

The Dems protest evil.

The Republicans protect evil.

The Dems try to conquer divides.

The Republicans try to divide and conquer.

The Dems search for the truth.

The Republicans hide behind lies.

The Dems never know for certain.

The Republicans are certain they know.

The Dems want to love you.

The Republicans love to hate you.

The Dems feel your pain.

The Republicans cause your pain.

The Dems believe in serving man. 

The Republicans believe in man-servants.

The Dems open their arms.

The Republicans close their borders.

The Dems say we can't survive in an environment of toxins.

The Republicans thrive in a toxic environment.

The Dems want minorities on the Supreme Court.

The Republicans hold a majority of the Supreme Court.

The Dems interest is in principles.

The Republicans is in interest on principal.

The Dems seek a meeting of the minds.

The Republicans mind if they have to meet.

The Dems are concerned about the times we live in.

The Republicans are concerned about the Times.

The Dems want to earn your vote.

The Republicans want to remove your vote.

The Dems believe all people are created equal.

The Republicans believe all rich are created superior.

The Dems focus on character.

The Republicans focus on characters.

The Dems find strength in dignity.

The Republicans are strongly indignant.

The Dems are in favor of a minimum wage.

The Republicans are in favor of a minimum wage.

The Dems believe in obligations as well as rights.

The Republicans believe in their right to have no obligations.

The Dems are a party by the people.

The Republicans have parties with the people they buy.

The Dems are the party of affirmative action.

The Republicans are the party of no.

The Dems ask if the meek will inherit the earth

The Republicans ask who will inherit the wealth


The Dems say this is the land of the free.

The Republicans say that's exactly what's wrong.

The Dems believe in the power to heal.

The Republicans believe in the power of heels.

The Dems care for the least.

The Republicans could care less.

The Dems know right from wrong.

The Republicans know left from right.

The Dems walk a mile in your shoes.

The Republicans hail a cab.

The Dems worry about raging fires and melting ice.

The Republicans worry about how hot or cold the shower is.

The Dems say numbers don't lie.

The Republicans then lie about the numbers.

The Dems see the inequality in justice in our courts.

The Republicans see injustice in equality.

The Dems are the party of the donkey.

The Republicans are a party of jackasses.

The Dems think before they act.

The Republicans act before they think.

The Dems swear by the Constitution.

The Republicans swear at the Constitution. 

The Dems are always on the defensive.

The Republicans are always offensive.

The Dems want to help you up.

The Republicans want to hold you up.

The Dems believe you lead your followers by example. 

The Republicans believe they will follow wherever you lead.

The Dems are the party of blacks and whites.

The Republicans are the party of black and white.

The Dems want to get a shot.

The Republicans want to take a shot.

The Dems believe in the right to an abortion.

The Republican right believes this is an abortion. 

The Dems believe in wind and solar power.

The Republicans believe that is a lot of hot air.

The Dems want to earn your trust.

The Republicans want a trust that earns.

The Dems believe in rock and roll.

The Republicans believe in Rolling Rock. 

The Dems are searching for the right path.

The Republicans tell them exactly where they can go.

The Dems believe good trumps bad.

The Republicans believe Trump.

The Dems want world peace.

The Republicans want a piece of the world.

The Dems want more who think like me.

The Republicans want more.


Anonymous said...

Well and creatively crafted yet:
I so want to believe that we can find ways to cross deepening divides, to find the good in one another, to see hope and healing in our future.


Anonymous said...

2022 campaign slogans!! All sadly true


Anonymous said...

u r unbelievable lois

Anonymous said...

Should be printed. Send to MSNBC or CNN


Anonymous said...

Your blog is the one thing that is keeping me sane in this crazy time..


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading everything you write!


Anonymous said...

So many differences and so sad. Here’s another-
The Dems admire and aspire to be like Martin Luther King
The Republicans worship King Trump


Anonymous said...

You are ready to replace Rachel Maddow


tavonearley said...
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Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

the Dems have a social conscious
The GOP has not conscious.

Limor said...

All the above should be in the Dem Campaign- so well done.!

Anonymous said...

I think it is brilliant. You write so eloquently.
You should have it printed in the paper.


Anonymous said...

These are all so excellent. No doubt this list will grow.


Anonymous said...

You've obviously given this alot of thought.