Thursday, March 10, 2022

A Picture Worth Far More Than a Thousand Words

 ("They Died by a Bridge in Ukraine. This Is Their Story")

It is impossible for those of us, this morning opening our newspapers, deciding what to eat for breakfast and checking today's forecast, to have anything more than the smallest inkling of the realities of war.

But in the image of this family, a mother and two children, lying lifeless in the street, in the story told by a husband and father whose world was torn apart in the blink of an eye, and in the pictures he showed of his loved ones that reminded us that but for the serendipity of where we were born and reside that could have been you or me, in all of that we get a glimpse of the absolute maddening, sickening cruelty and insult of war.

A picture may be worth a thousand words. These tell a tale worthy of so much more.  


Bruce said...

Putin is a punk, a bully and a miscreant. He’s also a baby killer, poisoner and jailer. He is persona non grata to the civilized world. I hope his own people can disable him and send him off to the Gulag archipelago in Siberia for a few decades.

PickleBiz said...

I don't wish anyone dead, but if Putin suddenly passed from natural causes I wouldn't be too upset. I was reading about the mental disorder of narcopathy. Putin to a tee. A lot describes Trump too...but blowing up pregnant woman? The man is literally a monster.

Anonymous said...

My father’s family is from Ukraine. They escaped when he was four with a hay wagon. Walked to Palestine.
Heart wrenching. My soul is being trampled on once again.


Anonymous said...

Unconscionable that he’s bombing civilian facilities and innocent people


Anonymous said...

When I hear the word "detente" (french for 'easing of tensions'), I realize that our foreign policy in regards to Russia was all appeasement and just a way to allow us to go about our business while there was still evil in the world. That evil has not gone away, and is an even greater threat to us all today. --RE