Sunday, March 6, 2022

'Twas the Night of the Bombing

 'Twas the night of the bombing

And all through the streets
Lay the evidence of war
And its piercing drumbeat

They huddled as one
In the subway's embrace
The lives they once lived
Now gone without trace

A baby doll rested
At the little girl's side
While her mother sat silent
No tears left to cry

The sounds of war shattered
The last embers of joy
While her little boy clinged
To his favorite toy

What had they done
To deserve such a fate
What had gone wrong
To be covered in hate

The house they once knew
Was suddenly no more
The flames now destroying
Any trace of before

It was a night of destruction
Of the world that had been
As she sat underground
And shook at war's din

Come Satan, come Devil
Come do what you will
The night sky now shrieking
Of the people you'll kill

Come blitzkrieg, come sirens
That sing songs of death
As she lay down in fear
Of her children's last breath

In the morning's first light
If they should survive
She'll arise from this tomb
And thank God they're alive

But this night of the bombing
She'll never let go
As her children hold close
A world they'll nevermore know


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Anonymous said...

This post is really gut wrenching


HER said...

So profound. So beautifully expressed. So sad.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Brilliant and gut wrenching.


Limor said...

Describes what war is. Horror,misery and so many innocent victims.

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written


Anonymous said...

Underscores the horrors of past and present.

Praying for the Ukrainian people.


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galngotham said...

Simply heartbreaking ~ every word rings true!