Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The Beating Heart

 Out gunned, out manned, outspent, out planned.

Yet no defeat is in their eyes. 
No surrender in their cries.

Who stands up when Goliath nears?
Who stands tall despite the fears?

Their hearts as weapons in this fight.
Their beating hearts a fearsome sight.

Battles won. Battles lost.
Land taken at terrible cost. 

Lives upended. Death descended.
The darkest night surely portended.

But they will not lose their beating heart.
What cannot be taken at any cost.

And in the end what is the battle for?
But for the heart and little more.

Though the enemy wins what do they gain?
Without the heart but a sad refrain.

There can be greatness in defeat.
And the greatest loss at victory's seat.


Anonymous said...

A powerful, heartfelt, poetic expression of another overwhelmingly painful tragedy in our lifetime.


galngotham said...

Ditto what EA said. Powerful.

Anonymous said...

Well said


Anonymous said...

As a nation, we need to listen to our own beating heart as well. We can no longer remain arbitrary as to which nation's transgressions against democracy will be tolerated, and which of those will not. We can no longer look the other way in the name of "doing business" with a revered trading partner, all the while Hong Kong students demonstrating for democracy mysteriously disappear, or Muslim "re-education" camps continue to exist and massive prisoner labor camps go on. We continue to buy oil from those very nations whose second preference is to destroy our way of life. We ourselves are eroding democratic standards. --RE