Thursday, March 24, 2022

This Show is Rated "NM" - Not for Mature Audiences

 ("The Using of Ketanji Brown Jackson")

There should have been a warning label scrolling at the bottom of the screen informing viewers that what they were about to see was not intended for mature audiences. Or for anyone interested in getting a true understanding of the qualifications of the nominee.

The prosecution, I mean questioning, of Judge Jackson was not directed at changing the minds of those casting votes in favor of her elevation to the Supreme Court.  The attacks on her, and attacks they were for no lesser term would suffice, proved only that this hearing was mere masquerade, thin veneer, for the questioners to serve up red meat to the worst instincts and beliefs of their constituents. Insinuation and innuendo substituting for an honest reflection and review of Judge Jackson's life and her career in the law. 

Why bother broadcasting this at all? Why give those like Mr. Cruz the opportunity to strut their stuff before the cameras? Judge Jackson deserved better than that. And so do the American people.


Anonymous said...

The rude and stupid questioning by republican senators only enhances the high road she has taken. In the long run, all viewers, democrats and republicans alike, will greatly admire her. People will remember how badly she was treated during this hearing. History is being made here. It will strengthen the democratic party for years to come.--RE

Anonymous said...

send this in to the Times!