Saturday, April 2, 2022


My computer rests quietly in the other bedroom. Normally I would now be in that room, printing a copy of the New York Times crossword puzzle for the person resting next to me. But not today. Not this morning. For in that room is something to be prized and protected, coddled and cherished. Today we have company.

Finally I can be a little annoyed that I have to be quiet and speak in a whisper at 6:45 AM (the middle of my day). Finally I can be slightly bothered that I had to remain awake until almost 11 PM (the middle of my night) to keep our guests entertained. Finally, I can be concerned about planning my day around the pleasures of someone else and leaving my own desires to the side. 

So what if I have to wait my turn for the bathroom. So what if I will not be in control of the remote this weekend. So what if I am starving right now but can't eat breakfast because I have to wait for the three Rip Van Winkle's who will remain asleep for God knows how long this morning.

It is now 7:21 and still no noise. Who sleeps this late? How long do they intend to remain in their state of unbeing? I don't think I can take this much longer.

Life is beautiful this morning.

For we have company. 


Anonymous said...

Good post. Be careful what you wish for


Andie said...

Enjoy every moment with your “company”!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!


Anonymous said...

Love it


Anonymous said...

So just wake everyone up tomorrow morning when it’s “too early to call!”