Tuesday, April 19, 2022

It Is Time for the Democrats, and the President, to Wake Up

 ("A Biden Blood Bath?")

Mr. Blow frames his opinion piece as an "either or" proposition. I suggest it is both that the Democrats are bad at messaging and Joe Biden is a bad messenger.

It has been a forever lament that the party on the left may have the right ideas but the wrong way of expressing them. Too wordy, too nerdy. The message getting lost in the weeds. Too many messengers like Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton. Too smart to convey complex issues in easy to comprehend bite size nuggets.

Meanwhile, the Republicans with their red hats, their Make America Great Again, their pitchman President who spoke in hyperbole unrelated to reality, captured the attention of friend and foe. Like them or hate them, you could not ignore them.

But Joe Biden can be ignored. With none of the flair of Obama and none of the showmanship of Trump, he seems, for many Americans to have simply disappeared. His quiet dignity  insufficient answer to the challenges of making the public believe in him or his policies.

So with the mid-terms a looming disaster, the Dems have double trouble staring them in the face. And they must both find better talking points and wake up a slumbering President if they are to have any hope of surviving a November debacle.

Otherwise, this tune now running through my worried mind may prove tomorrow's sad truth:

Where have you gone Joseph Biden 
Your party turns its troubled eyes to you
Woo, woo,woo
What's that you say you Republicans
Sleepy Joe has left and gone away
Hey, hey, hey
They'll make hay


Anonymous said...

Agree. My presidential candidate, which I’ve said for a while-the Rock. He hits all the right metrics.


Anonymous said...

there was a general sense that as a country we needed a leader who could offer calm, reasonable, non-huckster, non-snake-oil salesman leadership -- but the Democrats continue to fail at either 1] explaining to the white lower class why voting with republicans is against their economic interest and 2] energizing the more progressive portion of the democratic base
not original thoughts
forces of reaction consolidate -- historical antecedent end of Reconstruction -- great fear by white republicans about america becoming a majority non-whiote country -- hence the hot button issues like teaching to race, trans athletes and bathrooms, etc.
noting original here from me but a reminder that the context is wider and deeper -- it's the message and the messenger and the response of white power to fear of losing it -- hence the Republicans effort to do everything possible to govern as a minority party by reference to popular vorte