Monday, April 11, 2022

My Job Application to the New York Times

Frank Rich. Bob Herbert. Frank Bruni. Nicholas Kristof. Now Jennifer Finney Boylan. 

What is going on at the New York Times? Why are the opinion writers (f/k/a Op Ed writers) jumping ship with such metronomic regularity?

I am sure it is mere natural attrition but then again....

All I know is that I have been writing to the Times (if not for the Times) for nearly a decade and a half. They certainly have adequate sample of my work to determine if I am now worthy to fill this latest void.

You have found reason to publish my thoughts political and personal, on the state of our nation and the state of my Yankees, on matters of great weight and some as light as air. I am a man for all seasons, except maybe mud season for which I have little regard.

While my words don't hold a candle to the likes of those "recently departed", I trust there may be a flicker or two of light emanating from my thoughts. 

As with all the others who have left the fold, I will sorely miss the perspective on the world given by Ms. Finney Boylan. And I wish her the best of luck wherever her journey next leads.

But as they say, when one door closes ....

Please consider this my formal application. I await your reply.



Anonymous said...

Add me to your reference list!!!!


Anonymous said...

If you get the job, you still have to keep writing for us!--RE

Anonymous said...

Not a chance


Anonymous said...